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why this story now?

nora is graduating from the boston conservatory in the spring of 2023 with an emphasis in directing. nora thrives telling stories that deeply dive into complex relationships and the divide between fantasy and reality.

as humans, we must dream in order to make sense of our reality. we dream to analyze our past experiences, prepare for future experiences, and learn to face our present. if we didn’t have dreams, how would we even know to question “to be, or not to be?”

as an artist and director, i strive to cultivate experiences that always begin and end with a question. this lends itself to art that stirs discovery, curiosity, and dimension.

bad jews
by joshua harmon

spring 2023
co-directed with Mia Goodman

Three grandchildren gather in New York City after the funeral of their beloved grandfather, Poppy, who has left behind a treasured piece of religious jewelry. As the cousins wage war on one another, uncomfortable questions about their religious faith and family history bubble to the surface. Bad Jews is a poignant comedy about family, legacy, and what it means to be Jewish in the 21st century.

a brief history of helen of troy
by mark schultz

fall 2022

teenage charlotte's beautiful mother is dead. turning for comfort to the story of helen of troy, charlotte is convinced that beauty, desire and fame can help her bring her mother back and punish the world that took her away in the first place. getting beauty tips from her popular friend, seeking career advice on how to be a porn star from a guidance counselor who may or may not be having an affair with her, and searching for love from the football jock who barely even knows she exists, charlotte finds herself searching in fantasy for what she cannot find in reality and destroying the life of the only friend she may have had in the process. but in the depths of pain, she comes to discover an unexpected grace.

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